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Chinese government: in mainland China to drive the vehicle, must hold Chinese traffic department issued a valid driver's license, a foreign driver's license and an international license is invalid.
For the convenience of foreign nationals in China legal to drive vehicles, the company provides foreign for China 's assistance to foreign service, including application Chinese driver's license, Hong Kong China, Macao drive application according to application Chinese driver's license, international driver's license for the Chinese driver's license.
In addition to Hong Kong residents with a Hong Kong driver's license can be for a Chinese driver's license, other people hold a foreign driving license for the Chinese driver's license to take written ( a subject test ), but no need to participate in road test ( two subjects, three test subjects ). A written test can choose from the following languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian. If you can't take the exam, hope that direct exemption for the Chinese driver's license, please contact us.
The company to help foreigners and Chinese for Chinese driver's license, materials complete 1 days over 1 weeks to permit requirements, meet the following conditions:
1, have a valid foreign driver's license;
In 2, a valid passport (foreign or overseas Chinese to provide ), identity card and residence permit ( domestic residents to provide );
In 3, a continuous stay in China for 90 days or more valid visa or residence permit ( foreigner );
4, registration form of temporary accommodation ( Registration Form Of Temporary Residence ) (foreign or overseas Chinese to provide );
In 5, white color digital photo 4 pieces ( 32mm x 22mm, 300dpi resolution )
Guangzhou, Shenzhen: 6, written examination
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